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Originally Posted by drm View Post
What kind of tent and trailer? Details please :)
It's a standard chinese roof top tent, available from several vendors. I think mine is "roof top tent" brand. The trailer is a single place aluminum snowmobile trailer that I built a custom aluminum rack for to hold surfboards and the tent. It has so far worked out very well for me.

Originally Posted by hppyfngy View Post
Every time I see one of those rigs I think of how windy it is in some places I camp...

Would you feel safe in that in 30-40 mph gusts?
Honestly I'm not sure. The tent itself is far more sturdy then any standard ground tent I have slept it. We weathered tornado conditions in it when it was on top of my pickup truck with a rack.

With the amount of weight I had down low on the trailer I don't think it would be a problem. But I can't say for sure.

And so far I have always been able to make it back up in there no matter how much
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