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Originally Posted by Harcomo View Post
Well, looks like it is happening on bikes all around the world unfortunately. I have the Dobeck EJK on mine and a member said he had contacted Dobeck and they suggested resetting the idle switch point on the EJK controller. I did that to mine but have not ridden it since because of the cold weather. So....don't know if that will help but at any rate, it is happening just the same to totally stock bikes and it is an issue that Honda needs to address and implement a fix. Let us all know if you come up with anything and like you said, don't count on your dealer for any help with an issue like this as they will likely not have a clue. In the meantime, when you pull in the clutch and roll to a stop, keep giving it some throttle to keep the engine from idling down too low....maybe that will help for now.
It only does it when you drop speed with the clutch in, say more than a 15mph drop. If you just let the engine slow you down it never happens.
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