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LOng post warning... Riders quotes on Stage 10 from here

Joan Barreda:
"We started with Cyril (Despres) opening track. I thought it would be easy to catch, but he was very fast. I have finally reached its height and we finished together. The stage was animated. Even to the point it was nice to refuel, it is a very rocky track, narrow, very enduro and plenty of variety. I've enjoyed. I'm fine this every day and it's good to gain experience. It's a shame the problem I had at the beginning of the bike rally. It could be on the top. Besides, I have not committed any error in navigation. I have always been in front, with a good pace. It goes well in a number of stages. We must continue. I think Marc (Coma), Cyril and I are really fast. Of course there are other players, but often are at the head due to the circumstances, for a fault or error of someone. But when racing thorough, clearly see the difference. This rally must be very regular. I had a big problem one day, but since then everything is fine. "

Cyril Despres:
"I imposed a cruising speed rather high, almost speedboat. With a young and highly motivated behind Joan Barreda could not afford to slow down. And I did it. The bike has been good and has suffered less than yesterday. Above all, it is very nice to be able to run for 360 kilometers thoroughly without fear. I feel fit, it's true. The difference in the Dakar, and particularity against other rallies, is the screen. There really special physically strenuous and that there is a natural selection based on the level of preparation of the bikes and riders. The most important thing is not to think in recovering second overall. What matters is to score points, make a difference, gain confidence and become loose. Then is automatically reflected in the results in the leaves of the afternoon. "

Paulo Gonçalves:
"After the first week, which suffered mechanical problems and lost time in sailing, I am now in a good position going into the top ten, which is much more comfortable because less dust is swallowed. I have run very fast and I reached Ruben soon. It was not easy to overtake, because there was still dust. Still I climb the podium of the day so great. And besides, Joan has won the stage, so two Husqvarna riders get put us in the top three and that's fine. My personal goal was to finish on the podium, but with electrical problems I've had, it will not be possible. So I will try to win a stage. It will not be easy, but I'll try. "

Ruben Faria:
"It would be nice if the two arrived at the head in Santiago de Chile. The fifth Dakar Cyril and the third for me. But if the second term will not be sucked in by that office. I worked hard every day and that was the end result. Further work well. I hope everything goes well and we get Cyril win, that's the main objective. If I finish second or third would be great, of course. For me it's a dream. If it happens, great. Today I have not thought about qualifying because I could have disturbed. My goal was not to defend that position. "

Jordi Viladoms:
"I've tried everything, even other participant has tried to tow me, but the terrain was difficult and it was too risky. The assistance could not get here, so I have left no choice but to say goodbye to Dakar, much to my regret. I am calm because I was doing my job well and I have been brave. But there are factors that you can not control, such as mechanics. I feel mental and physically prepared, but it is clear that this was not my year. I learned a lot from this experience and has helped me to mark me the challenge of returning next year. I have not given up and I never give up now. I felt very clothed during all these days and I warmly thank all the people who have supported me since the beginning of this project, which was formed in record time but look forward. "

Francisco Lopez:
"The journey has been difficult. The last two days have been the special complicated, very stylish and less enduro, rally. It is harder to see and much technical work. But now we headed Fiambala and Copiapo and things will open wider. Today, like yesterday, came from behind and, therefore, I swallowed a lot of dust. But hey, here I am. Satisfied with the stage. The goal is to reach Santiago and do my best. Of course, any time something can happen. The engine ... We must be aware of everything. There is still a long way ... ".

Alessandro Botturi:
"I've been more or less until the third half of the stage and I was fine, but I hit a rock on a curve that has made me lose balance and fell. I've beaten strong my little finger and just hope it is not broken ".

Joan Pedrero:
"Today we were facing a stage with fast tracks under intense heat (should be about 40 degrees!). I wanted to make a good step and I felt very comfortable on the bike and then I caught a good rhythm. My intention was to get something else back stage today to not leave the first Fiambalá, but in the end I left room.
During the link my head and went to the dunes tomorrow. They start very hard stages, with navigation and high temperatures. Fiambalá dunes are difficult terrain and then we plunge in the Atacama Desert. We still have to suffer, but I feel good physically, and although we are adding stages notice that I am strong! More tomorrow! ".

Helder Rodrigues:
"Today was a very special variety with some winding roads and a very fast tracks with several hazards that were not marked on the road book. I think ninth out OK for tomorrow because there will be more technical and special mainly sand. "

Javier Pizzolito:
"I've been pretty slow for the dust to kilometer 100. Then I passed a couple of riders and I had a free hand to push a bit to the end, winning some seats. "

Johnny Campbell:
"I would have liked to be higher today because the stage was good. I like this kind of mountain slopes, very trail, but I've been suffering for the injuries that I did yesterday. And it has been even more difficult when I lost the bike to the front wheel patinarme while crossing a river. I wanted to climb something, but eight hours driving demand for a physical, if you are not 100%, you can pay it. And I had a lot of damage to my ribs ... ".

Gerard Farres:
"At mile 75 has begun to fail the bike, nothing serious, I just had to connect the rear fuel tanks, but it was a warning to me. The transfer has been feared as soon not finish the stage. Later I ran out of gas. But I want to emphasize that solidarity is amazing that you are in this race, not only with people of Dakar itself, but also with the public, they can not do enough for any of us. It is much appreciated, really. The downside is that I lost in the operation over 20 minutes. When you face all goes ahead, but you take off the head of race track in areas with poor land you pass through the dust. You see nothing and you have to slow down, which is what I did. I feel bad that we can not be higher for all the difficulties we're having, especially because the team is working hard and deserves more reward. On the other hand it is normal for things to happen to a bike that is fantastic but we could not test enough because of time before the Dakar. We are all learning a lot and so I'm happy. And also because I see that when we do not have any setbacks with the front. That means a lot. We must overcome the next two stages, I suspect very hard. Tomorrow will most likely be the most complicated of the Dakar, with lots of sand, dunes complicated, high altitude and hot, so we'll see what happens. "

Gerard Farres

Nate in N.E.

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