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Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post
And from Cyril's blog:

I was taking my time to warm up this morning because there wasn’t the need to be as aggressive as yesterday. I was planning to use the day to look after the tendons in my legs and wrists but things quickly got boring for me.

It can be dangerous to relax too much on a stage because your concentration can start to wonder. You can start thinking about how things are home and if I have to do some repairs to the house. When thoughts like this start coming into my head during the race I know it’s time start pushing.

There was a section on today’s stage that was just for motorcycles and this part reminded me of my favourite parts of the Sardinian Rally. It was a really narrow and twisty track that came up and down the mountains. Last night there was a little rain in the area so the ground was great for sliding into each corner.

It was another demanding day at the Dakar but if I’m going to train so hard for this race I want to use every bit of muscle I have worked on throughout the year. On days like this I really feel like I get my moneys worth for all the training I do to prepare for this race.

I also had (Joan) Barreda catching up to me so it was fun to be racing against him and this was something else that helped me maintain my focus. I knew before the race that Barreda would be fast because he has a huge amount of skill on the bike. We talked at the refuelling and he said he was having trouble following my line because of when I was braking so maybe that’s something that comes with experience.

Nate in N.E.

Yes, I have a Dakar problem -- that there are 50 weeks of the year without Dakar!

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