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Originally Posted by Lager Meister View Post
I hope your friend has an Indy Kit installed.
No - neither do I. But we're not going for frequent flyer miles. Just a spirited weekend where we wanted to test, and sometimes exceed, the capabilities of our bikes.

So... I know glamour shots are the norm, but I thought I'd share the darker but still interesting side of these shenanigans.

Bottomed out. Below is a shot of the suspension closed up from the impact. Check out the proximity of the skid-plate to the ground. And more impressive/sad is the condition of the front tire. I thought lowering the pressure to 29psi would aid traction in the flat sections, and it did, but it couldn't manage the impact of such a heavy bike descending from the sky.

And if you want to fly, at first you must fall. My friend gets caught out in a rutted mud section. Both he and the bike came out of this UNSCATHED.
He was back on the track 30 seconds later. We both learned some lessons and gained some confidence to go with the sore muscles and scratched paint.
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