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No way to dance around it, Stage 10 was a tough day on the job for Lyndon. Things came unglued in a high speed corner resulting in a high side that banged up both bike and rider alike. Tomorrow is the famed (and oft dreaded) Fiambala stage, so hopefully they'll both be fully recovered. Rest up, Lyndon. We look forward to a happier call tomorrow!

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Public Radio fundraising notice: (Thanks to those who have already chipped in!)

Last year, through the generosity of the listeners, we were able to cover the cost of Neduro's phone bill for the communication costs to RallyRAIDio and ADVRider throughout the Dakar. If you've enjoyed Lyndon's call ins and interviews on this edition, consider chipping in a few $$, € €, or toward the cause. Many hands make light work, and based on our experience with Ned last year, the tab will run handily into 4-digit territory (sans decimals). It would be wonderful if we could take this burden off of Lyndon's shoulders.

To be clear, Lyndon has not asked for this, and there is no expectation on my part or his that any part of the phone bills be defrayed (indeed, I suspect that he will not know that I've solicited donations until after the event is over). For those so inclined,

RallyRAIDio @ g mail . com (no spaces) is the RallyRAIDio email addy to which paypal can be sent.

Thanks for your support.
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