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i have been checking out this thread (may be purchasing the Honda)..came across your post...Wow..Gobsmacked....Well Done Mr LR and Mrs LR

Originally Posted by Lost Rider View Post
Well... it did very good with no major issues except one of the many falls was right onto the perfect sized big rock that bent the shit out of the radiator. Normal wear and tear for a team Lost Rider Adventure.
Luckily no leaks on the radiator, and I'll be taking it in to a local auto shop to straighten it out.
I'm hoping for a more stout radiator guard to become available, I'm not convinced the ones made from pressed aluminum sheets will provide enough lateral strength to survive a sideways hit as well as could be. I'm sure it would help though and I haven't seen one in person.
Luckily Honda made the radiators out of some pretty flexible metal and it wasn't a ride killer.
Hopefully these guys will make one for the LRP:

Honda also made the shift lever nice and flexible and while it did get bent up a few times, it was easy to straighten out to keep on riding, no foldable one going on this LRP, would rather bend the lever than break the shaft instead when we hit just the right rock and there's no give.

We were able to run heated grips and heated socks with no issues of running out the battery, so it seems the charging system is stout enough for comfortable cold weather riding.

The tool tube and fender bag carrying essential spare tubes and tools for trailside repairs in places that didn't interfere with the packing of camping gear and extra fuel worked out great too.

The Highway Dirt Bike handgaurds took the punishment as usual in stride, transferring the hits directly to the top clamp and not breaking or bending the Protaper bars. The Flatlands tail rack was essential for securely holding a gas can with ROK straps and providing tie off points for the camping gear.
Overall the LRP took the first of many beatings (rides) to come... Most of the way I set this bike up comes from lots of experience riding in demanding conditions, Honda has a well earned reputation for being bullet proof.... It's proving to be a perfect DS bike for the less aggressive rider and we hope to see many miles of good dirty fun out of it.
So far it's Nancy Proof.

Here's another short video of the latest LRP ride.

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