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The part number for the flasher relay is 61 31 1 358 194. It is listed for $92.75 at Max BMW. About the same price anywhere else. I believe it is possible to use something else but you loose some feature when you do that. I know there are articles somewhere about doing this. Maybe on the ABC site. Once again we get to the thing about you have to be a member of ABC to look at the articles there. But I think the relay is covered somewhere else also. I'll try to do some more research on the relay.

I've never looked into it because I have never had one go bad and if that should happen tomorrow I have an extra anyway. Not everybody will have an extra hundred dollar relay but I took apart a /6 bike a few years ago and have most of the parts still.

But we don't know for sure it is a bad relay do we? Nobody else has piped up that had this exact same problem?
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