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Originally Posted by cchoc View Post
I always put my gauntlets over the jacket cuffs, I thought that was the point of gauntlets? Or maybe I'm just doing it the wrong way?
I ride with gauntlets over the sleeve too.

There is a chance in some riding positions that the rain might work it's way down the sleeve and under the gauntlet though, especially once you stop, such as at a stoplight. That's one reason to put the gauntlet under. But I find with the DS riding positions on my DR350 and R1200GS that doesn't happen (as long as I don't let my arms hang by my side). So there are times you might want to have the sleeves over the gauntlets and I agree it is a challenge. But 98% of the time I have the gauntlets over top, so that's fine with me. I can deal with it in the occassional special situation.

My issue with the cuffs is that the stiffness of the material and the added "windstops" make the bulkiness of the cuffs over a thermal layer a challenge to get under anything but the largest of gauntlets. I'm probably going to rip out the windstops. I just find them in the way for the most part and can't see them lasting long anyway made of such lightweight material. They should have made them removable.
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