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Originally Posted by HogWild View Post
When I wrote "they" I guess I should have limited it to Mike P. I would have expected you would be in favor, as is Ken Cameron for sure. But Mike calls the shots, and for whatever reasons he's not allowing the course and tools (GPS) to change. I can understand preserving the formula that's working now for the M1K, but how about a second or third rally that is oriented towards difficult navigation? I talked at length with Mike about Diabolical, and he basically said he's not interested.

BTW, it doesn't cost anything to eliminate GPS, and it's quite easy to catch those who don't follow the roadbook. No special equipment nor manpower are needed to do that. Just a couple of carefully placed small course adjustments would do it. I had it all figured out last year, but couldn't sell the idea. That wouldn't be full-blown Dakar Rally style, but an easy to implement step in that direction that would not affect the vintage aspect at all.
Pearlman has already hinted at the partnering with CODE to do a multi-day event (Mexicalli-San Felepe-Ensenada) rally in September? Why aren't you on that "like white on rice"?
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