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WNWT Day 9

Tuesday morning, woke up to 32 degrees and cloudy. Temps skyrocketed up to 34 degrees and held there. Little bit of light sleet late in the day. Stayed cloudy and windy all day so pretty much made it a "rest" day.

I was hoping to do the Willow City Loop but just couldn't get exited about riding.

The hotel owner let me use his washer and dryer to do a load of laundry so got that mundane chore accomplished. Decided to check out the National Museum of the Pacific War that's located here in Fredericksburg. More history geek!

Just to drive by the place on Main street, you don't get a feel for how good a museum it is. The first part is the old Nimitz Hotel. This is the hotel ran by Admiral Nimitz's family. Admiral Nimitz was the Commander of the Pacific naval theater for WWII and he grew up in Fredericksburg and worked at the hotel as a youngster. His grandfather and father had added onto the hotel a couple of times and it has sort of a steamboat look to it.

Love the old stone buildings in Texas, this little place is across from the Nimitz hotel. Lots of these in the little towns I've been riding through.

I won't bore everyone with a bunch of pictures from the museum, but will just say it's much bigger than what the building on Main street would lead you to believe. There's an entirely separate building called the George H. Bush gallery that walks through the entire Pacific Theatre of WWII in incredible detail with full size planes, tanks, boats, artillery, etc all indoors and very well presented. Recommend.

My grandfather served in WWII on the Philippine Islands. I was excited to see a combat knife exactly like the one handed down to me on display:

But wait, there's more! A block away, there is a mostly outdoors (brrr) exhibit called the Pacific Combat Zone. They have a fully restored PT boat (only one in the country) that was interesting. JFK was hurt on a ship similar. This is PT309 and JFK was on PT109.

The virtual tour of the ship here is good. Use the navigation and you can 'turn around' and get a 360 degree view of each shot.

They had one of the engines from a PT boat on display (each ship had three of them). It's a Packard V-12, supercharged, and 1200HP. The engines were of such high build quality that they were UNLIMITED TBOH (time before overhaul). Almost unheard of for military equipment.

Fully restored landing craft for storming the beaches in the Pacific:

And this is the view the soldiers had when they stormed the beach... minus the waist deep water, actual beach, and machine gun fire.

Needless to day, the museum basically took all afternoon and I had to rush to get through part of it.

There was a "patio accessory" place I had been driving by that intrigued me. This place was huge. Had to take my GPS in to make sure and not get lost. Couple of acres at least.

Room upon room of stuff, plus everything that was outside. Anyone thats been to my house knows I've got a thing for "sleeping mexicans". They had a metal version, but couldn't quite figure out how to get him on the bike and not have him fall off.

This sure would look good on my workshop (because it reminds me of The Girlfriend of course):

No purchases made. This time.

At the suggestion of exoff-roadgoat I tried the Catfish Haven not far from the motel.

Had a catfish and shrimp combo platter with a Lobo beer (cuz I'm the one man wolfpack travelling Texas) brewed here in Fredericksburg. Great food. Good beer.

Good rest day but ready to move on tomorrow.

Little tid-bit I found interesting while Braveheart was on AMC tonight... there is actually a word for "throwing someone out of a window". Defenestration. Hmm, must have happened enough that they needed a word for it.
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