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Originally Posted by Merkur Man View Post
Hey Mil T
Last year I tried going down to the Colorado river, from Peach Springs.
I was told by the "Indian Guy" that bikes are no longer permitted on that road.
He also said that the road going to Supai (to see the falls) was also off limits to motorcycles.
Does anybody else know differently? Should I give it another try.
I guess the "Indian Guy" does not know the difference between a Harley and a DR650.
It's always been somewhat sketchy. The indians think all motorcycles are evil to the land. The people in Peach Springs where you get the permit are always back and forth on it. I went in and asked for the manager of the permits. when they she came down, I told her that they had been issueing permits to MC's and that I wanted one also. They wanted to see insurance and registration and look at the bikes. Once they were convinced that we were not planning on doing anything but camp at the river and that our bikes were street legal bikes and not just dirt bikes they issued the permit. You have to keep being persistant but it is their land and their permits so It's just the way the wind is blowing for that day I guess.
Good Luck.
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