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Originally Posted by almissoula View Post
I'm trying to plan a route to see the racetrack and saline warm springs (2 separate days of riding). And checking this link: I'm a little puzzled.

When I see that Saline road is 'posted closed' that means the closure is only a suggestion, right? My bike is too heavy to pull under a gate ;)
Check out the DV roads thread for the latest info:

Saline Valley RD being "closed" is indeed a suggestion, though I passed a tow truck hauling a Camry there last week... the driver said it was a $2500 tow... be expensive to break down out there.
The SV road closed sign is actually not in the Park, if there's any road closures inside the park, like Titus canyon for example, you shouldn't ride on them as it's a very expensive ticket if caught.


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