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You might want to do the Sunday ride with us. It is a mostly dirt ride, fairly easy. It was. The one that got postponed from last week due to cold. We will meet at the Shell station on Ajo just West of Kinney at 9:00am.

There is a ride Saturday at Charouleau Gap, but I am thinking it is much more than you want to do on a DR 650.
The Sunday ride could be OK, depending how my Saturday ride works out.

The DR650 itself isn't the problem - it's me. A few years back when I was riding with a couple of PHX guys all winter, we did Charouleau Gap in both directions on KLR's, plus all the rough Chivas stuff, and Gunsight Pass (both sides) with my wife on the back of the KLR, Nothing was too rough then, but if you remember the Chivas ride I did with you in Jan 2010, I could hardly walk. That turned out really bad as I'd ruptured a disc (L4-L5) and did permanent nerve damage before I went home in March for surgery. I've lost a lot of control of my right leg and foot and can no longer "dab" effectively in rough stuff - or pick the bike up when I drop it - or get off and on it without using the sidestand and footpeg. So, it's not the bike anymore.

I'll see how I do on Bullsprings and Flux Canyon and then decide if I can do the Arrivaca ride - I presume it would be similar to Brian's DID rides (with Becky and others) back in '10 and '11.

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