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Originally Posted by EEKAMOUSE View Post
35 Nm =25lbft seems high and is that the same value for upper and lower fork pinch bolts
35 Nm (26 lbf-ft) for the top

32 Nm (24 lbf-ft) for the bottom

Thanks Kiwi!

I'm nice and mellow now mate.

Go and put some more miles on it sounds like a good idea, the engine is still tight and who knows, maybe you don't have the stalling curse. Give the throttle a blip or two when rolling with the clutch in also seems logical. If after you get the first service done you have this problem then we'll know more. Not saying a bike should stall at all and want to know how it turns out, just wear the engine in and see how it goes. At least it's not the leave you stranded type problem.
Good luck, and post some photos, I know you have some beautiful landscapes down there! I was there earlier this year working, a shame I didn't get to ride.
We're currently running a D606 rear and Pirelli XCMH front, both working great on our hard rocky, sandy, dry terrain with some pavement thrown in.

Nancy and I are glad you guys enjoy what we're doing, thank you for the kind words, it's a great bike and we're lucky enough to have awesome places to ride. Life is good in California.
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