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tire info and questions and current state of affairs

Originally Posted by Ghost_Mutant View Post
The wheels should swap easily

Not sure you want the XR5 to use as spares on the XR6. How good of a deal are gonna get for the basket?

I've always thought that the XR5 engine in a 85-87 XR6 frame would make the lightest big bore RFVC
I haven't heard exactly what he wants yet, just a few emails stating (first) it was a 600, then the second one said a XR500 basket case. Since I bought my first one labelled as a 1989 XR650 (and turned out to be a 86 XR600) I am sceptical until I see it myself, LOL... It's only about 10 miles away tho, so if I hear back, I most likely will at least drive up.

On another note - got my Kenda Tube, installed it w/ the almost new Kenda tire off the XL600, and sure enough, I put a hole in the tube (stupid me using screwdrivers). Soooo, let this be a lesson to you all! buy the dang tire irons! they are 5$ a piece! At least I didn't cuss and throw tools. This time. I ordered Motion Pro tire irons tonight off ebay. I'll go get a patch kit from NAPA when the irons come in. I figure it was either that or pay a bike shop 25$, and they want to replace the tube again. plus, I think the front may have a leak as well, so will be looking in to that AS SOON as I have my tire irons My seat is ready and will be picked up on Wednesday! :)

This thing has duct tape for a rim strip? anyone have a comment on that ghetto setup? Is that ok, or should I get an ebay rim strip too? The other one had a normal but brittle rim strip so couldn't use it.

*** never mind, i just ordered a rim strip off ebay ***

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