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Originally Posted by duanew1 View Post
I haven't got my TE610 all sorted out because of subframe repair. I haven't ridden it to see how much the leak is a problem. I have a question about the tank vent. I have a 2006 and I have read many complaints about weeping fuel when overfilled. One solution was an aftermarket fuel cap with the vent installed up high. I was wondering if my idea would work. To install one of these vent valves to the original vent fitting on a hose located high on the handlebars above the level of the tank.

I have searched but have only found where one person might try this approach but no feedback. This should work shouldn't it? It shouldn't be any different than attaching it to the cap should it?
I got tired of filling my tank and having a cup of gas drool all over my 07 so I put these on the tank vent nipples.

I routed them forward and up to the bars where I have them clipped to the front brake hose. Pretty much the same thing as you're talking about, but with slightly different implementation.
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