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Finn awesome footage... Look forward to seeing ya!!!

QUOTE=Lost Rider;20487054]Not trying to say much really.... but I've dragged Nancy, a 125 pound girl who's first sat down on a bike 2 years ago through most of the rides in DV, most of them with her on a 450 pound thumper GS without knobbies. It's all in one's attitude, and for the lesser part one's commitment. She doesn't let off the throttle no matter what, sometimes scaring the shit out of me. "but darling you SAID to stay on the throttle", I say, "not when there's a 200 foot cliff"!

For the most part I encourage people to ride and explore solo. If you can't depend on yourself then who can you depend on... As long as you can pick up your bike or carry a EZ-pull, and carry a satellite device like a SPOT or DeLorme Inreach with a good plan made before your ride for check-ins, there's no reason not to explore DV on your own, the reality is you're not that far from help out there. Even if you can't hit your HELP button on a SPOT, your pre determined plan will unfold and one of the many local authorities WILL be to help you in short order once your family alerts them.
Nothing more satisfying than getting to and back from somewhere on your own IMO.

With that said, I should be at this event and will be happy to ride with anyone who's not so sure of themselves, I'm not going to hold someones hand, I'm not an off road instructor, go see Jimmy Lewis for that, but if I can help encourage a fellow rider to do something on their own, without my help, then I did my part in promoting our ADV ways. If Nancy can do it with some encouragement, then so should other people with the right attitude.

You can do it!

Here's a little video from our ride last week to get the juices flowing, complete with some naked time.

I thought YOU had the map......
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