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Ah yes, the prang where he was 'barely moving', and the car 'balanced on it's nose for a minute' to love "racers" under, and over exaggerations. Seems we All do it, no matter what level we are at.

Something I've thought for quite a while :

Aren't 4 + wheel racers allowed to take a winch / winches with them?????????????????

OK, I know you just can't keep loading more and more gear into a vehicle, but with the way so many turn turtle, get stuck, I'd have thought a winch set up (and I don't mean just the classic front mounted winch - I mean a multi mount winche / winches), together with a telescopic strut / A arm(s), to provide a fulcrum, would be an absolutely invaluable thing to have.

I honestly can only think that a winch must be banned. Could anyone shed some light on this for me, please?

And no, you don't need a tree / immovable boulder to have as an anchor - Very effective 'sand anchors' are made. I can scoot across the river here, and go to a FWD specialist, and buy a hand actuated, or powered winch that would easily pull back a Truggy, a Buggly (I think they look trick!) or Geoff Ohlholm's Toyota. Probably even one of those Berserko Truckasaurus's. Any number of fitment points could be set up on the cages / chassis's.

RG squished his rads - and I can appreciate a 'sacrificial' section in front of the main chassis - but as light looking and as exposed that the 'sacrificial' section' seemed, that the rads were in, and as exposed as the rads were - nearly right at the top of the chassis cage, I think a valuable lesson may have been learned for future tilts at Dakar.

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