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Originally Posted by Multiplicity View Post
I don't how your bike is wired, but if the relay is bad it could also be a physical relation to it loosing it's
ability to control output to the pump on decel. Inertia might be why it only happens on decel. All decel fuel control is done through the injection system, not by turning off the pump. I've had relays flake out with minor voltage changes. I even had one that would only fail when the brakes were applied. A voltage threshold could be why yours is/was acting the way it did. A drop in system voltage when the RPM's drop, coupled with the load from the brake lamp could be all it takes. You removed the suspected relay and installed a known working one and the problem has stopped. Could be you disturbed a faulty connection too. To many variables to know why without failure duplication while monitoring input/output signals
I will probably subcribe to that possibility and i will tell you why.
Several time the engine cut did happened, and i should say the more often time it happened, i was having the heated grips on. Matter of fact, as i noticed that, i did wonder what kind of relationship there could be between the engine cut (and fuel pump relay) and the heated grips and thought this was just co'incidences.
FYI my batterie is relatively new and in very good shape (motorbike sleeping in a warm garage).
But now with your explaination it could have happened that due to a bad relay connection and the heated grips on, the relay released itself because of a too low voltage during deceleration.
Now, because i have worked on the relay (swapped) it is possible that the loose connection has wanished and i can no more reproduce that failure again.
To tell the truth this is the best scenario i have seen for now on that failure and i really like it. All facts are matching together, deceleration, OFC, fuel pump relay released, heated grips on, engine cut.
BTW, the iddle speed of my engine is low, only 1000rpm, it works perfect but may be i will raise it a bit to 1100rpm. I mentionned that because it happenned once, that i had an engine cut while engine was at very low rpm, but with heated grips on .

Thanks a lot guys for your experiences , which i think, put me on the good track for getting the clue (knock the wood ) .
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