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Steady on there Captain! I am posting real info that is happening to our CRF250L. IF you read through the posts you will see that it is not an isolated incident (take a look at the CBR250 stalling issues if you want to read about a million pages of agony). I actually like the CRF, and as I stated- it does not happen to all bikes and IS clearly happening to some. Do not worry, I will certainly post updates as we try to figure out why the stalling/stopping is happening to a new motorcycle. Forums are not only for posting the good things that happen with our bikes, but also as a way to inform others of issues and hopefully rectify them.
Good posts Kiwi5, and good description of the stalling issues. Exact same as I was/am experiencing. I'm down and out for riding till the spring (too cold here) so can't be of much help now in troubleshooting this stalling issue. I'm leaving it up to members like yourself and others in the sunny south to hopefully get er figured out...I for one, will greatly appreciate the answer/solution to this problem and read here frequently....good luck, keep us posted and thanks in advance!!
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