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Originally Posted by Scapadu View Post
I will probably subcribe to that possibility and i will tell you why.
Several time the engine cut did happened, and i should say the more often time it happened, i was having the heated grips on. Matter of fact, as i noticed that, i did wonder what kind of relationship there could be between the engine cut (and fuel pump relay) and the heated grips and thought this was just co'incidences.
FYI my batterie is relatively new and in very good shape (motorbike sleeping in a warm garage).
But now with your explaination it could have happened that due to a bad relay connection and the heated grips on, the relay released itself because of a too low voltage during deceleration.
Now, because i have worked on the relay (swapped) it is possible that the loose connection has wanished and i can no more reproduce that failure again.

You've got an interesting intermittent problem.

While decelerating, even in OFC, the engine RPMs are high (above 1800) so your alternator should still be putting out full power.

I doubt it is your problem but BMW changed the panel warning light for the Alternator from 1.7W to 3W. The reason I mention this is because at low RPMs and just after starting, it is this Batt/Alt warning light that provides the field current to the Alternator to start running. On my 1150 I noticed that after starting the Batt/Alt light wouldn't go out until I blipped the throttle and increased the RPMs. That left the voltage low after starting, which led to the injectors putting out about 10% less fuel at cold idle until the Batt/Alt light went out.

In my case the Hi Beam bulb was 3W, the Batt/Alt was 1.7W so I just swapped them, problem solved.
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