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Good posts Kiwi5, and good description of the stalling issues. Exact same as I was/am experiencing. I'm down and out for riding till the spring (too cold here) so can't be of much help now in troubleshooting this stalling issue. I'm leaving it up to members like yourself and others in the sunny south to hopefully get er figured out...I for one, will greatly appreciate the answer/solution to this problem and read here frequently....good luck, keep us posted and thanks in advance!!
Mine stalls after backfiring, seems to happen on every ride. I've got the habit of blipping the throttle, on downshifting, so that the RPM is closer, causing less clutch wear. Always done that even in cars (never owned an automatic). Now that I'm noticing it, it's always backfiring/stallling during downshifting. Sometimes, I "bump" start it, snapping the clutch, instead of hitting the button. This is my 3rd bike with FI, had an SV that would backfire once in a blue moon, and a C14 has never stalled/backfired. Ironically, I chose the CRF over the Kawi KLX after watching someone take 10 minutes to get one running. Other than that problem, it's a keeper. Going in for 1st service any time, now, see what they say. 60 degrees here on Monday, and now it's snowing.
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