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Originally Posted by FPGT72 View Post
Depends on what you want.....Don't you hate those answers.

I like the P1, it has a little more history going for it, ammo is going to be a little more easy to find....however I will not fire anything more than 115 grain in mine no matter what others may that is a little hard to find these days.

The CZ could be used as a CCW if that need is there, but while it would not be my first choice as there are better guns out there, but in its price bracket I do know that people use it for that.

The ammo for the CZ is going to be a little more crazy, and I know of no american company that makes it....if the world keeps going nutty, who knows if imports will still happen.

If it was me, as I have other guns I would take the P1, If I was on a budget and wanted something to carry I would take the CZ.

I'm now leaning towards the CZ for my first C&R. My reasoning is that the CZ supplies are starting to dry up, whereas the P1s look like they will still be around later. Also, the P1s I see currently do not have the pinned frame, so I may as well hold out for that feature. Als, the CZ is almost a hundred bucks cheaper... I do appreciate your comments.
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