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Decided I am going to sell my AR-50 and one other of my rifles.

I had always wanted a .50 BMG so I got one a couple of years ago, but there is no place to shoot it around here. The only club that had a range to shoot it (only 600 yards) shut it down for .50 BMG due to safety concerns (they are "evaluating") and the only other range is hundreds of miles away. So that leaves going over into the desert someplace on the dryside and shooting on public land - which pretty much means it won't happen either (too lazy and too much time).

I didn't even get a scope for it - that was the other thing; I wanted a good long range scope and that would have been another $2K.

I just decided that I have better things to put my money into now that I have a house and shop and land, and I would not get around to shooting this rifle until I retire (probably at least another 5 years now that I have a mortgage).

Oh well...
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