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Originally Posted by KenyaBiker View Post
I would love to see how you did it as I am getting ready to do my R65. Any ideas are appreciated!

OK guys, Happy to oblige, I'll take some pics tonight and provide an update diagram.

.. also still need to get my head around uploading pics...[/QUOTE]

..Right so here goes...

First thing you need to remember is that I know just enough to be dangerous.

I've put some pics here:

First two pics are just to show before and after and so you can see the whole bike.

some other details:

I removed all the connectors supplied with the unit and ran as much of the wiring into the headlight unit as I could.

So I wired the indicator wires directly to the + on the front indicators: Orange and White
I ran the purple(Neutral) and Gray(Oil pressure) wires back to the part of the harness that used to run into the old clock assembly.

I picked up the ground (black), Clock power(Brown) and Switch Key(Red) from the back of the ignition in the headlight unit.

I don't have a fuel gauge, so the Blue was tied back.

all other wires, with the exception of the light blue (charge) were wired as per the instructions.

Now for the relay:

We poached a standard relay from a car...

It should have 4 contacts; 2 brass and 2 copper.

On the + side of the relay, simply run a wire from the + on the ignition (red) to the brass and the copper terminals. You will have found the blue wire from the harness that comes from the regulator; this needs to go to the - brass terminal. The light blue(charge) wire from the ACEWELL needs to go to the remaining - copper terminal.

You'll see that I have used a cable tie to hold the relay in place under the frame.

I hope this helps.
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