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Originally Posted by BumpyRoad View Post

I'm curious about how you managed to keep the video camera aimed to capture all that nicely framed video. Did you have a lot left on the "cutting room floor" after editing?
Yes, framing was a challenge...
I did have a couple of clips where the helmet mount was bumped off-level and I didn't know it until later.
You can see in the beginning where I did a 180 to get a second look at a bear - the camera was tilted badly.
Also, when I got to the Northwest Territories and filmed the bison around the buildings, I didn't know the lens was dirty.

I got a Wi-Fi BacPac for Christmas,so in the future I'll be able to check the picture with my iPhone app before I take off.
I chose the middle setting on lens angle. The wide angle would have been better for some of the scenery, and the narrow setting would have been better for the wildlife. The bears that look like they are a half-mile away are just a result of the lens setting.

I had to use a "stabilize" effect with my video editor SW to reduce the camera shake that comes from using a helmet mount. In some of the scenic areas, I stood on the pegs to use my legs as an extra shock absorber, giving the camera a smoother ride. If you can see the bike's windshield in the clip, I'm sitting down. Otherwise, I'm probably on the pegs.

I also learned the technique of turning my head to the side for a shot while looking straight ahead toward the highway.
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