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Originally Posted by Gas Hog View Post
Back when that was my only bushiness I built a fair amount of 50's. I heard the same thing many times, no place to shoot them and the cost (cheap compared to now), Plus the fun meter dims pretty fast with a little range time.
You picked a good time.
The main thing is that there is no place to shoot it safely - not at the distance they are meant to shoot at - IMO 600 yards is minimal for that rifle and would not be a whole lot of fun. My original intention was to keep it until I retired and then go in search of a place to shoot it when I had nothing but time on my hands.

But yeah, for the cost, unless a person has the time and place to shoot it and liked to shoot at really long distances with really large cartridges, it probably wouldn't be as fun as just plinking with a .22 (my fave).

I don't know about it being a good time to sell - everybody wants an AR-15 or AK or something like that. Few people want a 50 BMG. But we'll see...

I am not inclined to get a table or go hauling it around a gun show so I guess I will put a sign on my back while hauling around the other rifle at a gun show.
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