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HS#7 Bostwick

HS#7 brings us up to Azalea City and the Cedar Creek HS put on by AC/MC. The property is a mix of planted pines, fast jeep roads, and moist woods. Sat was 6 miles and Sat 9.
Haley felt good after the practice lap but her race lasted about 1/2 mile as she hit a rutted trail faster than she was ready for (trying to not give up a position) and went down. Nothing worse as a parent than looking over, seeing a bike down, and hoping it's not your kid...and it is. Donnie and crew were great as always evaluating ,immobilizing her knee and getting her back to the camper. Went and had some x-rays that showed nothing broken so we returned with a set of crutches and the hope that it's just severely sprained.

Sunday dawned with a bit of fog but the promise of great weather. We had 8 riders on the line with some of the heavy hitters missing (get well Kai!) but addition of my fast buddy Scott Doerr (#66). He usually races evo on Sat. but was coming out to play making a total of 4 guys(Dave W, Jack H, Scott and myself) on the line who fun ride together regularly..should be great!

There was a long run to the first set of double Greens and Jack Hatfield (#392) pulled the hole-shot as we swept through the corner and I came up the inside to get the lead.

I've led won't last as about 3 miles in Marcelo Dadone (#15) makes a better line choice in the pines and squirts on by. At this point I want to try and hold on as Marcelo can boogie so that's what I did. There were 2 mud holes on the course worth mentioning. The first one was small but tight so much thanks to the folks pointing the better lines. Now the 2nd one was in the woods right near the finish and it had the potential to be big..real big. It looked like normal woods, but the minute you step foot in it you sank. First lap through it was holding up okay but you knew that was short lived. I passed through the chicane to finish the first lap in 2nd. Not soon after Scott D. came by with a squeal and the look of a man having fun. I passed back by soon after when I think he went for his camel-back hose. I come up on a slower rider who wasn't in the mood to let me by so I ended up laying the bike down in a failed pass attempt and back by goes Scott with a vocal smack in the head..dang it!

Soon I hear a 2stroke behind me and I know it has to be Dave W.(#46). I leave the door open at the end of a straight on purpose and he swings by. Dave either breaks,wrecks, or hauls @$$ so I'll have to wait and see which it is today. The three amigos are all riding together and what fun! The woodsy mud hole is now getting interesting as I drop the bike and lose site of the top 3. Mud holes can be really tiring I'm learning as I roll through in 4th place to end the 2nd lap.

Thanks Lacey!

As I'm tapped out on the longest jeep rd when I see Dave W. pulled over and messing with his bike..I guess it's a "break" kind of day for Dave (throttle cable) so now I'm back to 3rd. Little while later I'm back behind Scott and we're hauling. I'm trying to decide if he's starting to fade as I yell "Come on old man!!" (He's 47ish) and he waves me by..thanks Scott! Big mud hole has more orange arrows thrown up the to the right side (thanks!) and I'm the first one through. It's the long way around but muuuuch quicker as a family watching the spectacle scatters when I head to the un-rutted ground they are standing on. Welcome to HS racing folks...ha! I end the 3rd lap in 2nd.

4th lap is uneventful as I push but don't know how far ahead Marcelo is. I take the same line in the mud woods and come through to finish in 2nd. Best finish ever! Thanks to my wife Lori, Haley and all the friends I spent the weekend with for the good time!

Super Senior B
Place Bike Number Rider Name Bike Brand City, State Points Scored Promotion Points Counted Laps Elapsed Time
0 24 Don Chriss Orlando, FL 0 0 0 0:00:00
1 15 Marcelo Dadone Honda Aventura, FL 50 10 4 1:51:09
2 117 Troy Stainbrook KTM Odessa, FL 47 5 4 1:51:40
3 8 Levic Allen Honda Valrico, FL 45 4 4 1:57:07
4 35 Daniel Holder Honda Apopka, FL 43 3 4 1:57:31
5 66 Scott Doerr KTM Brooksville, FL 41 2 3 1:24:35
6 392 Jack Hatfield KTM Trinity, FL 40 0 3 1:28:32
7 42 David McArthur Yamaha Cocoa, FL 39 0 3 1:28:48
8 46 David Wildner KTM New Port Richey, FL 19 0 2 0:54:34
DNF 41 Marty Sapsford KTM Ormond Beach, FL 0 0 0 0:00:00
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