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Hola John,

Thanks for this great RR. I really appreciate the detail you are putting into it. Like other riders in the thread, I hope to follow in your tracks some day (once the kids are a bit older).

I've been looking forward to the results from your Darien crossing. My personal vote (not that it matters) was for the cheap-boat method (that seems to have selected you) - it fits well with attempting to do the trip as frugally as possible and has lots of adventure attached to it. Best wishes on making it safely and with a minimal amount of vomit.

GRinCR said it well:

Originally Posted by GRinCR View Post
A lesser Gringo would throw in the towel. Would say f*ck this, stomp his feet and fly his stuff back home cursing all Mexicans and all of Mexico for ruining the trip. The Gringo would forget all the great adventures in route, forget the people and places. He would dwell: How could Airlines possibly be booked? The Stahlratte wouldn’t make room for me, ! There should be more boats leaving on a regular basis, double ! 4 months of fun ruined by things not going “my way, on my schedule”.

Now the ADV’er is a different breed, but you sir are an exception: above and beyond. The world has much to learn from you, and people like you.
Many people get frustrated when the journey (or their life) doesn't match up to their expectations; however, the secret is in putting those expectations aside and living the moment that is at hand. Enjoy the Darien crossing and the rest of the trip - however fate serves it up to you.


P.S. I sent a few bucks your way to cover the cost of any barf bags you may need.
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