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Originally Posted by crankshaft View Post
Yea, clash of the titans style! Jack, having one of your instructors racing a big
a big bike and doing well would be great advertising for your school!
Wasn't Rallymoto made for DS bikes anyway? Racing a plated MX/harescramble bikes defeats the purpose I think. If a C enduro rider like me can manage 2nd place on a big bike, Mike B should have zero problems.

Hey: Here's what I said to Mike B. " I'm only gonna say this once, if you race the 800 and win, I'd be really cool for the school, and our sponsor BMW Manhattan, would love it."

His response, was something like, "Do you know how hard it would be to stop that thing going 100 MPH." Then something about having to beef up the brakes etc. and something about getting it "scratched up".

Some bikes you buy to race and some you buy to ride.

When I see him tonight, I'll get an update.

These days the kTM 450, the Husky's and bikes similar to them are enduro bikes with blinkers, so the difference between an "enduro bike" and a DS are becoming less and less. His enduro honda 450 (CRF) I think, would take to much to make it "Rally Ready" and enduro season is right around the corner. And I agree a Plated Dirt Bike isn't what this type of racing is about.

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