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Ashram Hike

Nip had mentioned the Ashram house. I thought it'd be a great way to spend the day. Both Fey and Nip took to the hiking better than I did. The day was a beauty and the Ashram house was quite a rugged well built place. Here's where it is...

Here's a marker for an important turn. We were heading about a 1/3 the way to the top of that canyon.
From DV Oct 2012

There's Nip with Fey in the background showing the ADV salute celebrating having attained the parking lot and getting off the bike.
From DV Oct 2012

We huffed and puffed toward our destination...
From DV Oct 2012

That's our skinny little trail...notice all the pine cones. They all had nuts in them, and others had a few nuts laying where they fell. There were so many nuts that the squirrels and birds couldn't eat them all.
From DV Oct 2012

From DV Oct 2012

The last 100 yards after crossing that stream...
From DV Oct 2012

Finally the house..
From DV Oct 2012

From DV Oct 2012

Quite large and well built...The structure was solid.
From DV Oct 2012

The Naval contemplating area....sitting down felt good.
From DV Oct 2012

Up the Mtn from out back...
From DV Oct 2012

Looking back at Lone Pine, a world away..
From DV Oct 2012

Fey adequately described the return trip to Lone Pine thru the Alabama Hills.

Fey, how's the wrist feeling....any plans about getting out on the road?
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