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Originally Posted by itsatdm View Post
It is a flashing light. Don't need it, ignore it. I fail to see how it puts any one in danger.
It's dangerous because it creates a false sense of security, yes, a bit like ABS. As pointed out above, there can be black ice at temperatures too warm to make the idiot light flash. Therefor, if you're relying on a flashing light to tell you when there could be ice, it's dangerous. ABS has the same effect. People use it as a replacement for learning how to brake properly, and I promise you if you grab a handful of brake in a corner, you're going to hit the ground whether you've got ABS or not.

I've been riding motorcycles for the last 30 years, and this is the first bike I've owned with either ABS or an "ice warning" light. I've never needed either before, and I don't need it now. Learn to ride... I mean really learn to ride, and neither of those safety crutches will ever matter.

Also, there's a fascinating phenomenon called "risk compensation" (look it up) that basically shows that as you improve perceived safety, people take greater risks. ABS and traction control are perfect examples. People don't think they need to be as careful (or learn a necessary skill) because these features will somehow magically save them. So because of that, they ride above their (or the bike's) ability and end up crashing anyway.

I take this seriously because lawmakers think like you do. And eventually when they realize that all the safety features in the world can't keep you from killing yourself, they'll just outlaw motorcycles.
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