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you need to back off the adjuster nut on the lever or the hole in the reservior may be blocked by the piston
it can also sometimes be blocked if the seal in the piston is distorted and stretched out until it blocks the hole

you can get a backbleed syringe at any Farm and Feed supply store for about $ .69 cents , they usually have buckets of them that they use for animals
it helps to push the air out of the line before attaching the hose and then hold the syringe and hose up and pull back on the syringe to bring the bubble back up before pushing the fluid, tapping on it helps bring the bubble up. If the bleeder valve is massivly leaking it helps to clean it an carefull use some grease on the threads to get it to seal

I like to use a MitiVac vacuum tool and pull it thru instead of pushing so I dont need to be concerned about the bleeder valve leaking
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