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Originally Posted by backwoodsKLR View Post
Yes, and above I posted the two or three options at the top of my list that I am trying to decide between, and, as usual, someone comes in with a suggestion from outside those bounds and then gets their feelings hurt when everyone doesn't agree with them... I don't have to scratch my head. I'm used to it...

BTW, they look really good on a Super Tenere!

Even the blue ones.
Come on now BW. That's simply not true. Roy doesn't have feelings.

Any hard bag is a potential leg breaker. Have you looked at any of the waterproof soft luggage? Some of it is really nice. Then you can go with a solid lockable tail bag.

If not... I like the looks of the black plastic ones in this pic and by all I've read, the quality plastics hold us as well as the aluminum, but some aluminum sets are lighter. Bottomline is, get what you want and tell the rest of us to funk off. Oh wait. You already did that.
I'll be back....
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