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Hi all,

I have a question for those who know. Chances are I might move from Europe to California because of a job offer. Me and my wife prefer to take our bikes with us (2007 BMW G650 Xchallenge and a 2008 Yamaha 660 Teneré, both modern bikes with catalytic converters).

I am assuming we can ride our bikes for the first months on the Dutch registrations and insurance. However, after some time we'd want them registered in CA. What are the steps one should follow?

PS, and how about a Euro spec Mini Cooper Cabrio?
A good place to search for a more comprenisive answer is here (search before you ask :-)):

One number that is important in CA is 7500 miles. If I recall correctly, you don't need to worry about the emssion sticker if your bike has more miles than that. But you still need to go to CHP for approval. They are going to check the lights etc. Once the bike gets the seal of approvad from the CHP, you should be able to get the permission from the DMV or so ...

That;s it in a nutshell. But there are always details. BTW I was looking into that process for some time, but I haven't done it myself.

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