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where are the pedals?
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As we got up to leave, an elderly gentleman arrived with a 2 litre soda bottle full of gas. I thanked him and asked how much.
"Nada. Nothing!"
I tried to pay him anyway, but he shook his head and walked away.
The little village that we are at is about 40 miles from asphalt, and about 80 miles from a gas station or supermarket.
The people that live here have a long way to go to get supplies. I was very happy to pay, with tip, for our little lunch. I felt that it was only fair to pay for the gas too. I went back to the little old lady and gave her enough Pesos to cover 4 litres at a gas station, and asked her to give it to the old guy. This far from a gas station, I am happy to pay double for the ability to go further.

I ride a beat up 2005 KTM 450 that doesn't get anywhere near enough mechanical attention. I change the oil sometimes, and have no idea how many miles or hours the poor thing has done. This bike is awesome to ride and has never left me at the side of the trail. If I am putting along, I get about 120 miles out of my 3.4 gallon tank.

Rollergirl has a 2.3ish gallon tank and we found on this vacation that she gets about 70 miles before going on to reserve if she is taking it easy. Usually when we are riding together, I try to be back at the truck, or at a gas station, before she runs out of gas. On this ride, I spent a lot of helmet time doing fuzzy math regarding miles/gallon and miles /tank and how far we were from where I hoped there was barrel gas for sale. I carry a spare gallon in 2 pepsi bottles, and had figured that we probably were going to run out of gas quite a long way from the nearest barrel. The 2 litres extra meant that we could keep going all the way to Agua Verde, and make it to where the hope-barrel gas should be.

So we went further!

Sometimes when Rollergirl follows me, I tend to beat her up a little. Sorry baby! She is an amazing woman, and only stays pissed-off for a short time. This is Agua Verde. Turn around point. This means we should have used 50% of available energy to get here. RG makes up for being past the 50% mark by being stubborn, competitive, and incredibly resilient. I haven't told her about the fuzzy math or the hope-gas.

Heading to hope-gas.

Hooray for wild horses. Seeing them helped with our energy levels.

Oh yeah, Hooray for hope-gas too. It was there in a big barrel, just where I had hoped.
This ride helped me to break through my need for control as far as gas is concerned. I now feel that I can be a lot more comfortable riding past the point of no return and finding hope-gas.
where does that road go?

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