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Originally Posted by Gangplank View Post
I'm pretty sure... not I am VERY sure you have to ride, review and accept the suggested trims for A/F ratio.

My understanding is that it is the same as the Bazzaz Z-AFM (Air-Fuel Module) in that it reads from the o2 sesor, notes it in the tables. You then review the tables and accept or reject the trims. Clear it out, restart it, ride and repeat.

So it does not automatically tune it. It just allows your riding to take the place of putting it on a dyno.

Someone correct me if I am wrong. In reading a few links like this one it seems to work just like the Z-AFM.

Accept/reject recommended trims
Restart the gizmo

Straight from the horses mouth......

We have taken virtually the same technology that our patented Tuning Link dynamometer software (for automated Dyno tuning) uses, along with Bosch Wide Band O2 sensors and miniaturized it to be used on your bike, ATV, or UTV, while you ride. Once installed, the Auto Tune kit monitors the fuel mixture (by installing the included Wide Band O2 sensor in the exhaust). It then sends this information to the Power Commander V and automatically corrects it while you ride.

Of course, the more of a techy you are, I understand that you can make other changes as well, but bottom line is that it works on the fly.

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