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Originally Posted by jaumev View Post
I was amazed the first time I went to USA looking that enormous camper vans (like buses) pulling a car (huge), and in the roof quads, bikes….
I imagine they need a month to pack everything to have a week of holidays.
In your bikes is the same: lots of bags… and of course cup and bottle holders!!

Spoiled Americans….

Hey, now, Jaumev...

Not all Americans travel that way!

Here's shots from two different week-long trips a year apart...

Granted, I wasn't camping on either journey, but I don't haul much more when I have camped... And either way I have to haul some medical support gear with me no matter where I go. I used to have to travel a *LOT* via air in a business I was in, and there more than any other I learned all too often "Less is More"!!!

Packing light sure helps the motorcycle's handling, too!



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