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*Struck By Disaster*

It's down to one man and one horse-power. With a friend I met along the way, I rode out into a deserted part of the area. Our intention was to get close to a volcano and then later go out swimming in one of those crater lakes. After having completed around 30km in some of the toughest riding conditions, Bruce decided to stand still and that with a big noise too! My gearbox is gone!
Here in the photo you see me trying to move the bike close to civilization so that I could find a vehicle to transport the bike. Unfortunately, the poor horse only managed about two meters. The sand was too deep and also the rear wheel wasn't moving freely.
At this moment in time, I can not give you more info. But definitely, a majour repair is coming my way!


Do you know anyone who can help me in Nicaragua? I can repair the bike myself (hopefully) ButBMW parts? Any special tools that's needed? Is anyone out there who knows people in Leon, Nicaragua where I can work? Would be great if you can help me. I have very little funds to continue and can't afford to stay in hotels or hostels. I'm going to start working on the bike tomorrow morning to have a look what exactly gone wrong. May be transport the bike to Costa Rica where the chances are better than here in Nicaragua? I simply don't know. May be there's someone out there who can advice me.

What went wrong. I was riding some rough road, deep sand, big bumps and etc. All of a sudden a big sound, like hammer hitting metal from the gearbox area and the feel was as if the gear teeth were jumping. The rear wheel does not turn free even when it's in the neutral. Any remote diagnose before I take it apart?

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