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Originally Posted by AKDuc View Post
Here's an interview with the very lovely First Nations activist and attorney Pamela Palmater:

She states that ultimately the goal of the movement is the protection of Canada's lands and waters. Now that sounds like something I can get behind. And for that reason I put on some Native duds and went downtown to show my support and concern for "The Great White North."

Me and my cousin Marcella. Her BIL in Vancouver BC made the Raven drum I'm holding. I haven't studded up the KLR yet this winter so I rode my Fatback instead.
A local tv channel shot our little gathering: They flash by us at about 1:40 and if you listen carefully you can hear me beating my drum near the end of the segment at around 1:58. Warmest regards from farther north, Mark H.
Hi, Mark.

Don't be taken in by the loveliness...or the supposed protection aspect, kind of thrown in for effect. Let's consider what she said:

The meeting was between elected, representative aboriginal leaders and the leader of the country's government, but it was a failure because it wasn't between ALL native leaders (each band?!?), the federal government and the Governor General of Canada - you may not know, but the Governor General is a ceremonial position, which is kept around because we kind of like the Queen, but has no authority or much relevance at all. Shows up at parties. Not sure why they keep wanting the GG. Tradition, I guess.

She states that aboriginal groups across the country are all different, have different if Harper were to meet with all of them, how does anything get done, and in what time frame? Fifty years? Pretty silly. Most of the tone of this thread is, yeah, we're onside with helping, but you have to boil it down to something that can be dealt with. Then tell your leaders. Then we can get it done.

She's unhappy that "nothing came of the meeting" because there weren't instant, tangible results. Like what? What expectations? Dumping money on the problem hasn't helped - and there are the problems mentioned, housing, water, education - but enough has been spent that they should have been resolved long since if the recipients of the money had used it for those purposes. See my earlier post regarding what happened in Kaschewan re: water.

Very misleading, using the old threat that "the land will be sold to foreigners", i.e. current fear is the Chinese. Please. Not happening, and Harper made that clear. The last oil sands deal was one time, already in the works. The bogey man that bands will sell off reserve land is nonsense. The proposal is that they can lease to make revenue (as many successful bands do), but not sell. The problem is, if you refuse to move from the shores of James Bay nobody wants to lease (or buy) that land!

She decries that this meeting will lead to more meetings, not action. Hey, that's how government works. How almost any transaction works. What does she think/want the government to do, since Idle hasn't stated any objectives except "fix our treaties". Maybe that's the part where the GG waves a wand.

A lot of this is illustrating FN disatisfaction with their own leadership, who they put in power. Some, like Atleo, seem pretty common sense. He'll be gone soon.....

Cute. Either not much in there, she's building a career, or she is just stirring the pot unproductively.

At least you're where it's warm enough to ride. We had a record of +10.9, heading back to -30, it's a bit of an icy mess out there. And a snowfall warning now in effect! Only 2.5 months of winter left...
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