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South America: Colombia to Ushuaia - A 'realistic' timeline

I realize I'm about to ask a possibly vague question with a million possible answers, but I'm hoping to get at least a bit of a consensus so I can plan accordingly.

So.......which bike should I buy and what oil should I put in it?


I'm trying to get an idea of what kind of time I'd need to reserve if I wanted to go from Colombia to Ushuaia. I don't want to race through all the countries as some sort of conquest, but I also don't realistically have the time at this point in my life to take 4-12 months away and just ride and explore aimlessly. But I hope to someday!

If I had a general goal of just continuing to head south, with no major rush but not being able to indulge every potential side trip that comes up, can anyone advise as to what would be a reasonable estimate?

If I had unlimited time, I'd ride south from Vancouver, BC, through Mexico, CA, and then figure out the Gap when I get to Panama. But realistically, I'd end up flying the bike and I to Colombia and starting from there.

If that's too vague, let's start with a timeline of 4-5 weeks. That's a fairly realistic number for me without making huge life sacrifices and a reasonable amount of planning.

I realize it probably could be done, I'm just wondering if that's too rushed and I'd always feel like I'm racing. Tacking on an extra week for bike troubles, unexpected issues etc wouldn't be that big of a deal.

Thanks in advance,

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