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lots of work on the bike lately. I've got the mask and tank painted, and I'll let them sit a week or more to let the paint cure before I clear coat them. I'm pretty happy with the results, but I wouldn't use rattle cans again for white. It took way more paint then I thought it would and it was easy to accidentally sand through to the primer.

I borrowed an air brush to spray the bottom light shroud black and fade it in. I re-sanded it twice because I didn't like the look. I was trying to get it more like the blend on the newer orange bikes but, I thought since I'll be putting a black graphic on the wind screen it would look better blended in a little lower.

Since I'm waiting for all of the paint to cure, I moved on to the swing arm with the kit I bought to rebuild it. One side was rusted in pretty good, the hammer and socket method of extracting the races made things worse. Every time I hammered on them the collars would chip off and break, leaving very little material to bite onto when pushing them out.

I had a bearing puller in my tool box which worked perfect for pushing everything out quickly, I'll use it to put the new bearings in too.

I still have some cleaning to do on the swing arm and there's a few parts I waiting on so I moved on to the sub frame.
I had a few comments that it should be reenforced, and since I'd like to eventually get some hard bags and to ride the bike like it was designed to be ridden, reinforcement was easy to do now and fairly cheap.

I got a piece of 1/8" thick steel plate from work and made a quick template to cut out a shape with my cut off wheel. I think its a bit over kill, but I think it was a good idea.

I stopped by a local shop on my way home from work and had them weld the plate into the frame. I wasn't super happy with the welds, but it seems pretty solid. They though I was crazy wanting a bead all the way around.

I cleaned up the frame, sanded it and hit it with some primer and some black rust paint.

It still needs another coat or two but, I'm pretty happy with the results. I'll let it sit for a week or so to cure then I'll start reassembling the tail.

That's it for now, when I get more done I'll post it.

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