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Originally Posted by SocalRob View Post
At the risk of opening myself up to much derision again, here is my solution from a few years ago.

I still carry this jack in the bottom of my top case. I have probably dropped by GSA about 20 times off road in the last few years, and since I have been carrying this jack around I have never had to use it in order to pick up the bike. I will say that is seems mysterious to me why sometimes the GSA is easy to pick up and other times it is much more difficult. The time in the snow pictured below was one of the difficult times, so I do think traction has lots to do with it. I suspect it would be difficult to pick up in a field of wet clay. And I think all bets are off for most of us if we have a broken leg or seperated shoulder and have to pick the bike up solo.
I got me one of these jacks too and think it is a worthwhile tool to have in your pannier if you venture out into places like this by yourself where no one is likely to come along for a while, like days, weeks, years...? It fits perfectly at the bottom of my touratech pannier and is only about an inch thick. It was fairly easy to make a couple of "feet" for it for different kinds surfaces depending on whether grip or surface are is more important. You can also use it as a makeshift come-along if you carry along some line - mountaineering or sailing utilize many synthetic fibers that are incredibly strong and will pack up quite small.

Ive tried two different methods for picking up the pig without the jack. The butt against the seat method popularized by the 5'-0" girl in a youtube video is "easy" for her because she is so small - if you're tall, the geometry works against you. The cupped hands at the end of the handlebars works better for me, and requires somewhat less traction, but still no good on slippery surface especially if you can't anchor the bike to keep it from sliding.
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