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Originally Posted by Reconstructed View Post
I can only speak for myself here, but think about bikes like the yamaha ysr50. Great little bike that many grown men would still love to have. Many of the smaller bore trail bikes (xr100, ttr125...) would sell here in the States if they were offered as dual sports.

I still don't expect to see it here, but with honda beginning to bring over bikes that are less cutting edged and more focused on simple enjoyment of riding as well as good value for the money, they may surprise us all by making it available.

Just my two cents.
Originally Posted by cogitate View Post
I had a YSR 50. As a grown man

I would buy this bike. Yellow, please.
I wish America would get back to simple core values like this bike.

Unfortunately I wasn't around for it but mini-bikes were huge fun despite their size before my 33 years of existence.

The older I get the more I let go of the ego-centric ways of our society and enjoy the basics on a much more fulfilling level.

Sadly, this bike most likely would fail here as most small machines do. To think how much fun it would be in a place like San Francisco, Seattle, or other urban environments with low speeds and twisty roads.
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