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Originally Posted by justinallen03 View Post
Looking for help to narrow down which shock setup to get for my non-ESA 2010 GS between Ohlins TTX and Hyperpro 367/467 series. The set I get will be GSA length and have the hydraulic preload. The riding style is as much off-road as I can get, but a lot of road riding mixed in. And I like to look for the tough off road (well, as tough as I can find in the East), so shock robustness is key

I've read good things about the Hyperpro, and until today, I thought I was dead-set on getting these. Reports I've read from inmates say they are strong and reliable with a great ride and adustability. Progressive springs seem nice from an off road perspective, where I definitely have a tendency to bottom out.

I just started reading about the Ohlins TTX today, but really couldnt find any reports on them for the GS. They seem robust, and the few things ive read on some mx forums and sport bike forums say good things, but I dont know how that translates. I like the innovations that allow less gas pressure in the reservoir, seemingly making the shock less prone to leakage, but I wonder how that design affects robustness and longevity.

Any help would be fantastic
I have an Ohlins rear shock on my R1150GS Adv. Works great, no complaints.

I can't speak about Hyperpro, but Ohlins makes a great product and seems to be the "gold" standard for motorcycle shocks. I think you'll know what you're getting with Ohlins, but what's the adventure in that?

Don't mean to be a product whore.
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