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Originally Posted by Motorcyclist View Post
Damn, that is bad news for Ducati. There is no need to go with a slow evolution, they have a whole season's worth of data to quantify how bad the present bike works. I'd be in favor of a revolution, after all, which is more likely: going from uncompetitive to unrideable? Or going from uncompetitive to tepid? I'm an optimist, so I'd vote revolution and shoot for the latter!
Then again, you'll notice he mentioned 2014, when the rules will once again change to...........umm, something else. So really, why not consolidate. 4 talented riders, plenty of feedback, and resources not necessarily being poured into one riders/teams, desperate effort to dig themselves out of their 80 sec. hole?
I think this is a measured, and intelligent approach to getting back on top. These things don't happen overnight.
(Look at the Beemer SBK. Brilliant riders, engineers, and all the rest, but it didn't start to come together until a full restructure, in every area..)
This blokes not stupid. He's been there done that.....
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