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Originally Posted by COMESEEGO View Post
Of course do I want to see more input here and yes, I do like the PDM60. It does allow easy installation with less clutter.

However with John's LED issue, I don't think we end user can help, because we can't determine, if a malfunctioning PDM is save to use.
The fastest way to test PDM vs wiring, is to have John disconnect the 8 wire output plug from his old PDM60 version (not available on the new one). Biggest surprise would be the green LED #3 is still on with only battery cable connected to the PDM and the bike turned off.
I would like to know, if the safety function still works. Does the output #3 still turn off in case of a short (red LED). But I'm NOT asking you to check it, while the PDM is still connected to your bike! - Maybe Adam comes back with a magic reset procedure or a better idea.

BTW my Stebel horn from Twisted Throttle is also using up to 18Amp at 12 Volt. The included diagram shows a 20Amp fuse. The Nautilus horn information is on the Stebel website (

Adam you mentioned not to use the blue trigger wire with the turn-signal-cancel button. Would the plus voltage damage the PDM? How would you go about using the cancel button and PDM trigger to operate a horn (15Amp max)?

Regards, Joe
It is possible to have PDM60 circuits programmed for constant power and that one circuit could possibly be set that way - or stuck that way, I guess - although I've not seen that happen. If it's a concern, returning the PDM60 to Rowe for a quick evaluation is probably the best bet. If there's an issue with it, they will take care of it quickly.

The blue wire is a high impedance input intended for a GROUND trigger. Ground it, and the associated circuit(s) will output 12 volts. BMW horns have ground present all the time, and 12 volts is switched to the horn, so to get ground from the horn circuit, a relay is needed.

Make sense?
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