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One step backwards, two big steps forward

I tried to come up with a way of not undoing some of the work I'd done and failed. At least, failed to find a way that was easier.

So out comes the cutting wheel.

And back on it goes. Similar, but not the same.

With the top mounts in the right place, it was time to fix the bottom mounts.

First, clear up a lingering problem with the swingarm.

Welding in the cross brace distorted the swingarm, which narrowed it up and twisted the pivot tube so that the bushing was slightly binding. Cutting, inserting a spacer in the slice and then welding it back up fixed it.

Then it was time to attach the lower shock mounts.

First measure then clamp then measure some more:

Then weld weld weld.

It's on its feet now.

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