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Originally Posted by stainlesscycle View Post
it needs to have tension on it. it's what stops the barrel from slipping into another gear. it is the positive stop for each gear..

I have been seeing your posts and information. I haven't been ignoring them. I am a single father so I get very little online time. I don't really get to type much and then a child needs me.

From your post earlier. I still have the Bottom End unbuttoned and am messing with it and trying to get everything to work right before I button it all back up, that way I won't have to resplit the cases if I didn't put everything back together correctly.

What is the Stopper Lever supposed to rest on if anything?

I don't know if my Shift Fork that has a #2 on the front is supposed to have a 4 5 on the back of it or does that mean it is from a YZ465? The 1983 Yamaha YZ490 is only a 4 Speed. and only has 2 Shift Forks.

I am so frustrated. I don't get much free time and have been working on this bike for some time. I can now see why my buddy just took his 1982 Yamaha YZ490 to the dump. You get frustrated.
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